Train your staff safely in VR
Provide on-the-job training without production downtime or danger for the employees
Enhance electrical safety and reduce the risk of accidents
Lack of proper
training equipment
Insufficient training

Accidents happen
Injuries, in some cases, lethal; production stops; equipment damage
We develop custom VR training simulators that provide a realistic experience with simulated work environments and allow training, practicing and assessing knowledge of electrical safety procedures in a risk-free immersive learning setting
Reduce the risk of accidents. Visualization of the risks of improper equipment handling allows the employees to form a correct system for assessing these risks and therefore reduce the risk of accidents
Improve the safety of the equipment operation and reduce unplanned downtime, thanks to practicing operating procedures in virtual reality
Assess your electrical staff knowledge and provide additional training when needed
Training solutions components
VR trainings
Visualized production processes with training and testing modes
Equipment and infrastructure
Designing and outfitting training rooms
Integration with enterprise IT systems
Enterprise training systems, information security and enterprise data transfer systems
Introductory personnel training
Training in using VR hardware and software
Learning scenarios
Electrical equipment inspection
Electrical equipment repair
Switchgear operations
Why choose us
Successful implementation of complex projects in large industrial companies: Saudi Aramco, GE Healthcare, DeLaval and others
Unique expertise in the market of virtual and computer simulators - our team includes experts in the field of electric power industry, development of personnel training methods and computer training complexes
The solution is sold for a fix cost, no licensing fees
Made for you only
The simulators that we develop will be your intellectual property
Full support
For us the projects ends only when you are completely satisfied with the result
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Reduce the risk of accidents, injury rates and unplanned downtime with VR training simulator tailored to you and your team needs
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