FOCUS Video Analytics
Improve the quality of solutions in shopping mall with the help of data
With FOCUS video analytics you can collect useful data about your customers' behavior and preferences. This data will create a strong advantage for your business.
Data is a business driver
Knowing visitor behavior is crucial for a modern retail destination.

It allows to understand important details about what visitors expect from the mall, where and why do they go, how long do they stay, and based on that understand the modern mall may take precise and efficient business decisions.
Data is a life-saver
The second important requirement in today's COVID-19 pandemic is compliance to authorities' regulations in terms of capacity and physical distancing management.

Both are impossible without precise knowledge of where visitors go, how do they move, where do they stay, and how long.
Automate the measurement of your customer journey!
FOCUS video analytics is a newly developed AI-based product, which utilizes a unique algorithm to seamlessly track people through all cameras from the entrance to exit without losing a track and giving deep insights into visitor behavior.
FOCUS video analytics combines different people tracking approaches for the best results
3D + 2D dimentions combined
Adding 3D dimension information into a 2D video made it possible to use existing video-surveillance infrastructure for people tracking.
Frame by frame processing
Video flow processing, object detection and tracking on the same camera, joining tracks from different cameras.

Coordinate correspondence also allows to operate with tracks in the floor plan coordinate system. Walking speed in m/s, but not in pixel/s. As the result - stable tracking in the floor plan coordinate system.
Feature extraction
Object detection, encoding object pattern as the feature vector, searching for similarities between objects.

We train a specific CNN model to extract feature vector from the object pattern image. Feature vectors of the same object are closer to each other then feature vectors of different objects. Clusters of feature vectors in this space correspond to different objects (people).
Getting insights and planning is easier with FOCUS
Heat map
Zone analytics
Line analytics
People counting
Dwell time
Average walking speed
Age and gender
Group visits
Cross visits
Custom metrics
Footfall by zones
Distance between visitors
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