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To track an oil spill,
think like an oil spill
September 30th | 11:00 am +4 GMT
Oil Spills cause huge reputational and financial losses to oil producers, can badly damage the equipment of desalination plants thus endangering water supplies, are expensive to clean up and always disastrous for the environment. The later the oil spill is detected, the higher are the amounts spilled. Fast detection of oil spills directly affects their cost, and helps deliver a cost-effective response.
Join us
...on September 30th at 11:00 am +4 GMT for the online event and learn how polarization technology helps rapidly recognize and identify oil spills with an outstanding accuracy, including:

  • identifying both crude and refined oils (including diesel and kerosene)
  • day and night capabilities
  • detection in waves and calm water
  • how to operate the system mounted on a shore, vessel, or a flying drone
  • live demo of the oil spill detection
You will learn during a live demo how a polarization camera uses polarization-sensitive 2×2 super pixels to filter out all glares and identifies the oil with the highest accuracy.

The system can be mounted on a shore, vessel, or even a flying drone!
The event most valuable for:

  • oil spill response departments and companies
  • offshore oil and gas companies
  • environmental agencies
  • desalination plants
  • marine departments
  • oil terminals and ports
Pavel Tatarintsev
Pavel has extensive experience in hardware and systems design, including embedded devices, motor control systems, vending and CNC machines. His last eight years in sales brought him a broad knowledge of hardware applications, as well as understanding of customer expectations on the value of hardware in business environments. Pavel held sales professional positions at IBM EE/Russia and Gulf Business Machines in the UAE.
Dr. David Chenault
President of Polaris Sensor Technologies
Dr. David Chenault is President of Polaris Sensor Technologies where he is leading a team of scientists and engineers developing state of the art imaging and camera technology for commercial and military applications. Dr. Chenault started Polaris building on his doctoral work exploiting an underutilized aspect of optics, bringing new capability and applications to thermal infrared imaging.
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